Welcome to the Knowles Family Genealogy web site.  This site is dedicated to the Roy Knowles Family (descended from "Old Silverhead" Knowles)  and any co-lateral lines that have linked in over the ages.
Genealogy can be fun when you start to link in history and famous people into your lines...

In case you were wondering, the site name is not a typo.  The expected site name was already taken, so I opted for  www.knowlesss.org  
 (like the song... 
Who Owns New York?...)  The music is of my own arrangement.

Who owns New York?
Oh, who owns New York?
Oh, who owns New York , 
oh can't you guess, guess, guess, guess?
We own New York!
We own New York:  

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Check the Artwork of Helen Knowles:
Hand painted and fired porcelain birds, plates, and more...
Plus woodworking and furniture.
Art by Helen

Links specific of the spouses of Gen 1 - Geraldine Nash, Helen Coffin, Jessie Mould, and William Roberson


Descendants of 
Roger Williams, 
Founder of Rhode Island
Through William Roberson

      Geoffrey Chaucer is the 15th Great Grand Uncle of Helen Coffin

Doc & Helen were 
related - 9th cousins