Ebenezer Couch, Jr
B. J20 Jan 1732   Redding, Fairfield County  CT
D. 16 Sep 1800   Saratoga County, NY
Married Sarah Kinney in 1777 at New Preston, CT
b. 1750, New Milford CT      d. 9 Oct 1822  Milton, NY
Ebenezer Couch, Jr was an Ensign in Col David Wooster's 4th Regiment and Lt Col James Smedley's 2nd Company during the French and Indian war in 1758. He was promoted to 2nd Lt in 1759. He was promoted to First Lt in 1760.

Capt Ebenezer Couch, along with his brother, Private Daniel Couch, served for Connecticut in New York and fought in  the Battle of Saratoga.  The family lost everything when the British burned his home town of Fairfield, CT in August 1779.


Ebenezer Couch, Sr
Ann Crane


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