Relationship: William Nathan Roberson to Roger Williams
Founder of Rhode Island
Roger Williams is the 9th great grandfather of William Nathan Roberson
9th great grandfather
10th GGF to Gen 2

11th GGF to Gen 3

Roger Williams
b: 21 Dec 1602
Smithfield, Greater London, Engl
d: 01 Apr 1683
Providence, Providence, Rhode I
8th great grandmother
Mary Williams
b: 08 Mar 1633
Salem, Essex Co., MA
d: 1681
Providence, Providence, Rhode I
7th great grandmother
Mary Sayles
b: 11 Jul 1652
Providence, Providence, Rhode I
d: 1717
Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
6th great grandmother
Susannh Holmes
b: 1682
Newport, Newport, Rhode Island
d: 07 Apr 1726
Groton, New London County, CT
5th great grandmother
Mary Wightman
b: 18 Dec 1704
Kingston, Washington, Rhode Isl
d: 06 Jun 1777
Stonington, New London Co.,Con
4th great grandmother
Susanna Rathbone
b: 24 Apr 1742
Stonington, New London, Conne
d: 1812
Richmond, Berkshire, Massachus
3rd great grandfather
Francis Roberson
b: 29 Dec 1763
Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Is
d: 16 Mar 1846
Greenwich, New York
2nd great grandfather
Jeremiah Roberson
b: 06 Apr 1799
Greenwich, New York
d: 13 Apr 1876
Greenwich, New York
Great grandfather
Benjamin Roberson
b: 1823
New York
d: 1875
Greenwich, New York
Paternal grandfather
William Harvey Roberson
b: Mar 1855
Greenwich, New York
d: 17 Apr 1915
Charles Benjamin Roberson
b: 15 Sep 1884
New York
d: 23 Dec 1952
Gen 1
William Nathan Roberson
b: 23 Mar 1914
Greenwich, New York
d: 23 Jun 1979
Roxbury, Litchfield, Connecticutt
10th GGF to Gen 2 - Anita, Charles, John, Margery, Patricia

11th GGF to Gen 3 - Gina, Marissa, Anthony, Sheila, Kelsey

12th GGF to Gen 4