I have compiled a lot of information and the details have been written into a series of reports. As I write the report, listing an ancestor and his/her descendants (to another key individual), I will publish them here.
For Example:  The Descendants of Joseph Wood (until they link with the Canedy line).

John Alden (mini-tree showing Mayflower Link)
John Alden (Full Report)

Alexander Canedy (mini-tree linking with Sarah Canedy)
    William Acey (links to Thomas Canedy)
    Joseph Wood (Mini-tree linking to Canedy Line)
    Joseph Wood (Full report)
    Robert Higgins (kinks to Couch, Clifton Canedy)
Stephen Hopkins (links to Higgins) <---Mayflower passanger
    Anneke Jans (mini-tree linking to Canedy)
    Anneke Jans (Full Report)
Tristram Coffin (mini-tree direct link to Helen Coffin)
    Roger Carminowe
(1200's - link to Coffin and Knowles)
Edward Starbuck (mini tree - with Helen Coffin to Knowles)
Richard Knowles (mini-tree direct links)
Richard Knowles Text (1500's to 1945)
Thomas Kimball (links to both Knowles and Coffin)
    John Baliol (King of Scotland) (Links to Kimball)
    John Parke (links to Kimball)
    John Marvel (links to James Knowles)
   Kelsey Crackle (links to Ephraim Knowles)

Matthew Whipple (links to Coolidge, Roosevelt, Brigham Young)