William Lyell Knowles
B. February 11, 1949, Kirksville, Missouri
Married 10/12/80, Elizabeth Jamieson, b. 1/1/51, Tionesta, PA

Katherine Canedy, b. 11/20/85, St Petersburg, FL, 
Married 7/24/2010 in St Petersburg, FL, Bradley Michael West

Susanna Kimball, b. 9/27/90, St Petersburg, FL 
(this link is to Susie's portfolio/resume)


William James Knowles
Helen Anita Coffin

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Kimball Link (Knowles to Coffin)

6 Siblings - Celebration of Life for Doc & Helen

Black Sand Beach - Hawaii 2005

Grandmother Sarah Canedy (Rt) with sisters Pearl and Dessie at home
on 29th Ave in St Pete.
Picking out Doc's ties - Family gathering 2016

NYC - 2008                                Puerto Rico - 2010

Grandmother Sophia Ellen Jones
Family (less David) with Doc & Helen at Higgins Lake

Catskills NY - 2012
UK and Wales - 2014

Gravesite of my Great Grandfather
Duncan Coffin - New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island - 2015

Nova Scotia - 2015

        Kate                         Susie