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The 1944 City Directory for New Haven, Conn. lists Rev Rex H (and Jessie M) as pastor of United Church with residence at 225 Sheffield Avenue.


1950 City Directory for Lincoln, NE lists Rev Rex Knowles as student pastor at U of N Presbyterian Church and residence at 333 N 14th Street.

1951 City Directory for Lincoln, NE lists Rev. Rex H Knowles as pastor of University Presbyterian Church, living at 333 N 14th with Jessie M Knowles.

1953 City Directory has them moving to 1315 N 15th. Rex is in charge of Presbyterian Congregational Student Center. 1955 Directory lists same info as 1953.

1956 City Directory lists Rex as Pastor at University of Nebraska and residence at 1315 N 35th Street.

The 1958 Directory again lists Rex as in charge at PCSC.

The 1960 City Directory for Danville, KY lists Rev Rex (and Jessie M) as dean at Centre College and living at 761 W Main Street