David Alan Knowles
B. April 18, 1953, Carson City, Michigan
Married 9/14/85,  Elizabeth Cornelia Wytenburg 
(b. 6/10/57, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) 

Alexander Marius, b. 5/20/86 ST Petersburg, FL

Adrian Alan, b. 12/7/89 Australia

Aaron William, b. 4/6/94 Australia


William James Knowles
Helen Anita Coffin

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Kimball Link (Knowles to Coffin)

Fishing at Crow Lake, Ontario

Dave with Helen Murphy

Still fishing after all these years

6 Siblings - Celebration of Life for Doc & Helen 2016
Dave's 1st Grade Class

Dave with cousins Trudy Knowles/Smart, Chuck Roberson, Patty Griffith, and Marge Roberson
Dave and brother Fred

Tieing one of Doc's ties for niece Susie Knowles